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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Five For Fighting - Superman
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2:18 AM ya assholes!

It may sound absurd... But don't be naive,
Even heroes have the right to bleed.
I may be disturbed... But won't you concede,
Even heroes have the right to dream,
It's not easy to be me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Light On - David Cook
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&& here goes, I was tagged by my dearest. -__________________-"
Write the names of 21 friends you can think off the top of your head,
And then answer the question.
After doing this, tag your 21 friends to do the same [:

1. Hiryanty Dearest <3
2. Zaha
3. Alif
4. Boon
5. Sempoi
6. anxx
7. Hadi
8. Sempoi
9. Mimieb0o
10. An "hetfield"
11. Nasyrul
12. Farhan "Goldfish"
13. Nazree
14. Awiss
15. Syabrin
16. Saiful
17. Syazwan
18. Hicurl
19. Qasrina
20. Hanafi a.ka. "Ricky Martin" Fcs
21. Nadia Scandal!

How did you get to meet 7?
-MSL sec. He's a year older though.

What will you do if you & 15 never met?
- (-1)friend to disturb... muahaha!

What will you do if 20 & 1 date?

Have you ever seen 17 cry?
- Erm.. nopes.

Would 4 & 16 be a good couple?
- ahh yes.. both are gays. AHAHA.

Do you think 11 is attractive?
- YEAAAAAAAHHHH WOOHOO!! (i hope he see this)

What is 2's favourite color?
- no idea. but i think purple, cause he's gay!

What was the last time you talk to 9?
- when his hair was not yet dreadlock(sp?)

What language does 8 speak?
- hardcore language.

Who is 13 going out with?
- mangle clan, standard.

What grade is 12 in?
- secondary 4 this year.

Would you ever date 17?
- nope, never! i'm not gay!!

Where does 18 live?
- Woodlands!

What is the best thing about 3?
- his lobang hidong. hahahahaha~

What would you like to tell 10 rite now?
- erm? nothing actually.

What is the best thing abt 20?
- gelek2 techniques! haha. he's my only big brother!

Have you ever kiss 5?
- HAHA! nope. never will.

What was the best memory you have with 21? *
- erms.... ehem*winks! can't say it out. Dearest will kill me! heheheheehehe!!!!

When is the next time you're gonna see 6?
- idk.. if he comes down for jamming session?

How is 14 & 12 different?
- one black & one white. (:

Is 19 pretty?
- ermss.... no comments uhs. (:

What was your 1st impresion of 11?
- he's gay. hahahaa~!

How did you meet 20?
- a few days after i was born, i see him ady. he's my bro!

Is 1 your bestfriend?
- Used to be. Now? more than just bestfriends. ((:

Do you hate 12?
- erm... no lahhh.

Have you seen 18 in the last month?
- well, yeah.

When was the last time you see 16?
- Last 2 fridays!

Have you been to 5's house?
- Yeah.. once.

When's the next time you're gonna see 10?
- when i'm gonna see him.. wtf? hahaha.

Are you close to 13?
- normal friends. used to bully him. ahhaha!

Have you been to a movie with 4?
- Nopes.

Have you gotten into trouble with 8?
- Erm.. not really lah.

Would you give 19 a hug?
- NOOOOOOO. Dearest's will hang my head outside her door house. (!)

When have you lied to 3?
- HAHAHA. can't rmbr. but it was joking only laa.

Is 16 good at socializing?
- erm, not really. 1st day at sch, he got no friends.

Do you know a secret about 9?
- ahahahaha... i know what u did last summer........
actually no uh. heh.

Describe the relationship between 12 & 18.
- no links. just school mates.

What's the best thing about your friendship with 9?
- haha. those secondary school times. trouble we got ourselves into.

What's the worst thing about 6?
- erm..... he's gay. i mean it. gaaaayyy..

Have you ever had a crush on 12?
- hahahaha! are you crazy?!

Does 14 have boyfriend/girlfriend?
- ask him luhh. i don't knoww.

Have you ever wanted to punch 1 in the face?
- WANTED TO. but patience is virtue. 1 is a she.
wouldn't be a gentleman doing that.

Has 21 met your mother?
- noooooooooooo.

How did u get to meet 15?
- same secondary school.

Have you ever physically hurt 3?
- haha. just normal punches.

Do you live close to 7?
- yeaps. we're same floor, different blocks. just across.

What's 8's favourite food?
- i don't know.

What kinda car does 1 have?
- car that gives free trips to my heart! ((:

Have you ever travelled anywhere with 9 before?
- used to be in school together. -.-

If you give 14 $100 wad will he/she spent on?
- haahah! alot of things, cnfrm. but idk what. (:

No specific people. Those who wants to do, do. ((:

OKAYS! done! (:
love you my dearest

Friday, March 20, 2009
Safe And Sound - Rebelution
Guess what time i wrote this?
3:23 AM ya assholes!

Well Hello!

it's been awhile, again since i update my blog. yeah2 it's rusty already. Well, i don't know where to start. There's really so much in life to turn my whole life around. -.- yeah. yet again, it's life. So yeaaa....

13th March 09 -

It was my final exam for 1st year. haha. Yeah, i managed to do most of the questions i guess. Of course, some i can't do. That's normal i guess. haha. Yeah. & Aft that, i decided to collect my new passport & head to Suntec City. Me & dearest went to the IT show '09 to check out my dearest's notebook cause she'd be getting one for poly stuff later. Took some time at the fair, looking for notebook of various brands. Seriously, if you're there to get a notebook, i'm sure u'd be getting a headache. hahaha. After checking out what dearest wanted, we went to eat. We were hungry. hehe. So, we settled down at KFC & just had a simple meal. We walked around suntec city & i had to go off first. Dearest sent me to the mrt & then dearest decided to continue with the IT fair. I guess that's all.

15th March '09 -

It was the "Gelar Seni Budaya Dan Atraksi Pencak Silat Serumpun, Singapure-Batam".
Yeah, was held in Batam. I got a chance to go there to look at some of the different silat in indonesia. Got our chance to participate & then we ate at A&W's. Then we were given time to walk around the shopping complex. Saiful & Me decided to head to a different way since the others decided to only eat donuts first. I found a hoodie that attracted me. &! it's my size. I thought it was supposed to be cheap, but it's kinda same as SG money. Decided to change my money & buy that hoodie. *there goes all my money. I didn't had enough to buy anything for dearest cause it's an unexpected call. I thought it'll took the whole day. I'm sorry dearest. Alot of things happened there & we met up and head home. Eventually, we missed our ferry i think due to miscommunication & had to wait until 8.30 batam time which is 9.30 in sgp. Reached sgp about 10.40 & straight head home. Then its ZzZZzZz time.

16th March '09 -

It was a last minute decision. I decided to go to queensway shopping centre to get a shoe for myself. Particularly a Nike SB that i've been aiming for. Dearest decided to accompany me as she knew that i'd cnfrm have a hard time choosing. Yes dear, i do have that problem. Thank you for helping me. heh. Hence, it looks unfair the she had accompany me but she didn't get anything. So, i decided to get my dearest something she wants to make up for last sunday. She wanted to get a slipper, & she got stuck with the adidas flip flops. So, i paid for her flip flops. It's an Adidas Tareeva & I got myself a Nike 6.0 Morgan Zoom Air. Yeap, i love it dear. Thank you. Then we head home. That's all i guess. There you go.

& Yeah, i guess that's it. That's for now. Sorry for taking ages to update my blog. Cause there's alot of unexpected turn of event nowadays. I myself really don't know what i'm getting myself into. Family shit & stuffs. My life is getting dull, i think. haha. yeah. :)

& dearest.
sorry to have bring you so much shit these few days.
i guess we have alot to talk about.
yeap, i really do care about you.
& yes i love you very much.
i hope you love the flip flop i bought for you.
That is to make it up to you.
sorry & thank you very much.
ily. <3

Tuesday, January 06, 2009
This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II) - Escape The Fate
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5:10 PM ya assholes!


Oh Well, School reopens today. Elfee, wanted to go to school with me, &! He decided to ring me up at 7am. I was still sleeping by then. I ignored the phone call & continued sleeping until 8. That's when i answered his calls & told him where to meet. I came half an hour later. & Elfee, without knowing what time he was supposed to report to school, just followed my timing. I guess his sense of timing ain't that bad either. He wasn't too late. Haha.

& by 8.45, I reached my school area & suprisingly, my classmate Jia Wei sms-ed me.

This is what he sms-ed me:
10am at 7106.

My instant reaction:

By then, Mad called me asking me where am i cause he too thought that school was supposed to start at 9. Then, we decided to meet at block 245 opp the school. When i came, i saw a X1R bike. s0, i asked him whether that is his bike. He said yeah... s0 there goes. No wonder he came early, as he never did came to school early when there's no bike. hahaha. & s0, i asked myself. 'when's my turn? sobs.' heh heh.

& there goes 10am. s0 we headed to school. & were given the project parts. not another project........................................... haha. so there goes. I guess there's nothing much. But since my dear was forcing me to update, so there it is. hehe. alright. that's all.

Good Day Everyone!

& my dear!
dah update dah!

Thursday, January 01, 2009
Running From The Rain - Thursday
Guess what time i wrote this?
12:00 AM ya assholes!


Happy new year to all of ya~
YEAH! have a wonderful year ahead.

& Yeah, Believe it or not. There's no more 2008.
2008 is like a pretty normal year to me.
Of course, i would have good & bad times.

BAD TIMES, forget it. GOOD TIMES, cherish it.
2008 was rather fast, don't ya think so?

have a great year ahead guys!

happy new year to u me dear!
may we go through it all together.
i love you.

Friday, December 26, 2008
With A Thousand Words To Say But One - Darkest Hour
Guess what time i wrote this?
12:01 AM ya assholes!

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Monday, December 22, 2008
The Flood - Escape The Fate
Guess what time i wrote this?
10:26 PM ya assholes!


halo! :)
been out these few days. haha.

last week, monday.

me & dearest decided to repair our earpiece; which we used less than a year. we got warranty for that. so we're safe from taking out any money. they said they'll took around a week for the repair. so, from there i hand around there, spending our time together. &&&!! i would remember that particular day i wore a contact lens. it's taking ages to wear just one side of my eye. yup, like u said dear.. it'll take forever for me to wear both sides. haha. then we proceeded to town to find some things. it was rather packed than normal. haha. yeap, then we decided to seize the night & head home.

previous week, saturday.

yeah, we got back our earpiece as they had text me that it's ready for collection. hence, i decided to ask my dearest & some of our friend to join along too. it was rather a last minute planning. i told them a day before & the night before on what the plan is. so there is... Me, Dearest, Saiful, Syazwan, Ayul, Raihanah, Fariani & her bf to join along. we catch the movie "twilight" digital. the difference between the digital & normal was the image, not the sound (hahahaha!) then Fariani & her bf part from us then we decided to go for bowling! it was rather fun lah, as we saw the styles of the person respectively how they bowl. & Saiful got 2 of our names wrong in the scoreboard. Syazwan as Syasuwan & Hiryanty as Hiranty. luckily, he got my name correct. hahaha. i lost in the end. because i'm not a regular at bowling. heh. :p Saiful took the lead from the start & he won, obviously. he's good. yeah. haha. aft that, we decided to just hand around there. we ate fries there & wrote some funny things at the ball that we've been given. we're suppose to write things for 2009, but naturally us, we went sidewinder. hahaha. we draw alot of things, haha. then there came Haikal, Elfee & Heidhar to join us. then headed to bus stop to go home. Dearest & Ayul drop off at BPP while the others drop at woodlands, to go home of course. :)

& yesterday.

i got myself involved in the silat competition. & yeap, there goes. i tore my pants. hahaha! i don't really know how did it happened, but i just went on despite it. haha. lucky for me, Abg Arif fork out money to buy me new pants. thanks alot Abg. yeap, we cheered our hearts out & we won the best supporting team. & for the participating, got ourselves 2nd for jurus & Saiful, get 1st for solo. congrats to him. overall, we got 2nd place & received some things. & we also won a hamper that's filled with snacks. with my dearest's fav, ferrero rocher inside. then headed back woodlands, play taiti for a game or two then i accompanied dearest to her mum's house as it's her mum's birthday. aft that went to send dearest home. hence, i headed home myself. :)

& today,

i went to marina square to get my pants changed cause it's not the size that i wanted. the moment i asked for the change, the sales assistant was rather fucked up. she said it can't be changed etc. i told her i got my receipt & i only bought it ytd, rather it was Abg Arif. *mind me, i wasn't trying to be racist but - she was a china girl. i don't really know what she was blabbering in chinese to her colleagues but i know she was scolding or something. her face was like irritated or smth. then she start calling about two times to ask for the exchange; i mean.. look, what so hard? i only bought it ytd, i haven't even wore it. i also got receipt for it. ohh man, it was really bad customer service. should have taken a singaporean instead. if only i'd understand what they say. i would have burst out in anger.* haha. yep, then we had lunch & dearest got some Famous Amos butterscotch cookies & i got myself a choc chip brownie. it looked delicious, so i decided to go for it. & get our butt off there to go chill at my dearest's grandmother house. yeap, chill for about an hour or two then i decided to head home. :)

& below, is a photo i found. hehe. dearest, take a look at it. hehe.

yeap, there goes. ahhaa.
that's all i guess.
thanks for reading.

& dearest.
thank you for everything!

the treats, laughter, love, hugs, kisses, everything~
thank you very much!
i love you.


M E; H A I K A L.


hello & welcome. this is my blog. & this is where i express my feelings & tell my stories. feel free to look around. if u dislike or hate me or something in this blog, feel free to leave. thanks.



Have Heart - Watch Me Rise


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